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"Casio QV-10 Compacts Digital Cameras"

Aug 13, Instagram removes casio qv digital partner accused of harvesting huge trove of data on users. We didn't actually take a 64 second shot, but we did go all the way out to 48 seconds in our studio tests, and the results absolutely blew us away! The images were cleaner than those from most other cameras when trying for a 4 second exposure, let alone a 48 second one!

We could see some of what Casio's doing, in that they evidently capture a "black-reference" image immediately after the time-exposure shot itself, and using it to subtract-out the noise. You'll notice that time exposures actually take about twice as long to complete as the casio qv digital speed selected would indicate. The extra time is that required for the black-reference image to be captured. Still, even allowing for this trick, Casio must have come up with something genuinely new: Other manufacturers have used the black-reference approach before, but nobody has gotten the noise down to the level that Casio has achieved here.

Whatever they're doing also bodes well for future, higher-resolution cameras, because image casio qv digital becomes an increasing problem as pixel counts scale higher and the individual pixel sensors become smaller on the CCD.


Overall, the QV completely captures the casio qv digital picture-taking crown, at least as of this writing in January, Nothing else we've seen to date even comes close to it: If you're looking for a digicam to experiment with long time exposures, the QV is it. Don't even bother looking at anything else!

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One fly in the ointment: The QV does have one major shortcoming for low-light photography though. As we noted earlier, casio qv digital LCD viewfinder is completely non-functional under even moderately dim conditions.

Some kind of optical viewfinder absolutely should have been included on the unit, and its lack makes low-light work rather difficult. Plan on jerry-rigging some sort of gunsight-type framing guide atop the lens housing for any serious low-light work. Full-Manual Mode Not actually a separate camera mode, but casio qv digital mentioning because the capability is so sought-after, and so surprisingly rare in current digicams. On the QV, you can set the shutter speed casio qv digital aperture completely independent of each other, and aren't required as on some cameras to have one under the camera's control if you're manipulating the other. Very nice! This time allows the autofocus and autoexposure mechanisms to do their work and can amount to a fairly long delay in some situations.

Other options include control over contrast, color saturation, flash intensity, and camera light sensitivity. This is perhaps the most exposure-control flexibility we've seen yet at this price point! The QV's viewfinder systems are interesting in that the optical and LCD viewfinders agree very closely with each other: Often, there are large differences between the field of view shown by a camera's optical and LCD finders, but the QV is very consistent in this respect, showing between 86 and While we would like to see the overall accuracy a bit higher, these figures are better than most optical finders, and the close agreement between the two means you won't have to perform as many mental gymnastics to keep track of the relationship between what you're seeing and what will eventually end up in the file.

The QV performed quite well in Macro mode, with a minimum area coverage of only 2.

While not reaching the microscopic level of some recent cameras, the QV's macro coverage is clearly better than most. For a bottom line to our tests, casio qv digital feel that the QV provides good image quality, but a really excels in the range of exposure control it provides. Conclusion The QVUX packs a lot into a small package: It offers 2 megapixel resolution, a great user interface that's both highly functional in actual shooting, and very attractive as well.

Casio qv digital these shortcomings, the QV provides more real picture-taking control than probably any other camera currently on the market December,making it a solid contender in the 2 megapixel marketplace. With its aggressive pricing, it's a great bargain for serious amateurs looking for the same level of exposure control in a digicam that they're accustomed to in the film world. Reader Sample Images! Do you have a QVUXcamera? December, Highlights 2. In all camera modes, pulls up the unusually attractive 3D exposure mode menu which has the following options: Program : puts the camera in charge of exposure decisions. Movie : records up to 30 second movies without sound. Panorama : records up to nine images as one panoramic image.

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Tags: casio. Casio QV-R We are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see casio qv digital prices.That is definitely true of digital cameras, where one of these mould makers was the Casio QV the first consumer digital camera that included. You might not be familiar with Casio's QV, but it was a revolutionary product back in — the world's first consumer-grade digital camera to come with an LCD for previewing and viewing images.

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Now, to recognize the contribution the QV made to the rise in popularity of.

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