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This package contains the binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtreme II 10Gb network adapters supported by the bnx2x driver. The bnx2 driver seems to be loaded correctly. If I copy TO it from another machine it is fast for Smartphone.

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Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II Monolithic Driver

You cannot quote because this article is private. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. If the second adapter works in the slot where the first one failed, the original adapter is probably defective. If the link is active, the command returns Link is up. Smart Broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii monolithic Pm Controller. This may result in the switch continuing to pass traffic to the attached port rather than route the traffic to an active team member port.


Disconnecting the disabled adapter from the switch will allow traffic to resume to the other active team members. Inspect all cables and connections. Verify that the cable connections at the network adapter and the switch are attached properly.

Broadcom Netxtreme Ii™ Network Adapter User Guide

Verify that the cable length and rating comply with the requirements listed in Connecting the Network Cables. Check the adapter installation by reviewing Installing the Adapter.

Verify that the adapter is properly seated in the slot. Network hubs have a maximum of Mbps half-duplex link speed, which severely degrades performance in either a Gigabit or Mbps switched-network configuration.

Hub bandwidth is shared among all connected devices; as a result, when more devices are connected to the hub, the bandwidth available to any single device connected to the hub is reduced in direct proportion to the number of devices connected to the hub. It is not recommended to connect team members to hubs; only switches should be used to connect to teamed ports. An SLB team, however, can be connected directly to a hub for troubleshooting purposes. Other team broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii monolithic can result in a loss of connectivity if specific failures occur and should not be used with hubs. The server intermediate driver handles the load balancing and fault tolerance mechanisms with no assistance from the switch.

These elements of SLB make it the only team type that maintains failover and fallback characteristics when team ports are connected directly to a hub.

Either server connection could potentially fail, and network functionality is maintained. Clients could be connected directly to the hub, and fault tolerance would still be maintained; server performance, however, would be degraded. Figure 6: Team Connected broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii monolithic a Single Hub. These team types must be connected to a switch that has also been configured for this team type.

In each cluster node, it is strongly recommended that customers install at least two network adapters on-board adapters are acceptable. These interfaces serve two purposes. One adapter is used exclusively for intra-cluster heartbeat communications. This is referred to as the private adapter and usually resides on a separate private subnetwork. The other adapter is used for client communications and is referred to as the public adapter. Multiple adapters may be used for each of these purposes: private, intracluster communications and public, external client communications. All Broadcom teaming modes are supported with Microsoft Cluster Software for the public adapter only.

Private network adapter teaming is not supported. Microsoft indicates that the use of teaming on the private interconnect of a server cluster is not supported because of delays that could possibly occur in the transmission and receipt of heartbeat packets between the nodes. For best results, when you want redundancy for the private interconnect, disable teaming and use the available ports to form a broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii monolithic private interconnect. This achieves the same end result and provides dual, robust communication paths for the nodes to communicate over. For teaming in a clustered environment, customers are recommended to use the same brand of adapters. Figure 7 shows a 2-node Fibre-Channel cluster with three network interfaces per cluster node: one private and two public.

On each node, the two public adapters are teamed, and the private adapter is not. Teaming is supported across the same switch or across two switches.Here is a step by step manual guide for Broadcom BCMC NetXtreme II Monolithic Driver software installation process on Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Here is a step by step manual guide for Broadcom BCM NetXtreme II Monolithic Driver software Broadcom BCMC NetXtreme II Monolithic Driver.

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