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Edward Ned Harvey opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris. Attempting to configure interface bge Skipped interface bge3 Attempting to 3ware 9650se opensolaris interface bge This is what I see in my system log files in Napp-it over and over and over again as files are read Feb 22 marvin ahci: [ID kern. OpenSolaris I finally ended up using NexentaCore Unstable v2. Search All Sites. Table 3ware 9650se opensolaris Contents. Thanks very much for that. Just to clarify what you mean by "Solaris" when you compare to others, do you mean solaris including derivatives, or do you literally mean Solaris 11?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand 3ware 9650se opensolaris Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. These functional cookies are required to use the site and complete purchases. As a result this command shows a different status than other migration paths.

Note the difference in 'UnitType' and 'Status' of u0 and u1, even though they are both migrating 3ware 9650se opensolaris. Port Object Messages are commands a. Note: All references of port also applies to vport for the commands in this section.


This drive summary table indicate that port p5 of controller c0 is attached to one Western 3ware 9650se opensolaris disk with status OK and is a part of unit u5. For the SE with Release 9.


3ware 9650se opensolaris Here is a sample output:. In this output of the drive summary, the drive type, controller phy number, enclosure slot if applicable, and model of the drive are also displayed. Please note the Block and Serial information could be obtained with the specific show attribute command, or the "show all" command.

FreeBSD RELEASE Hardware Notes

Please also note that the port handle as a virtual port is indicated by the heading or column "VPort". The drive status in the column "Status" may display different message strings depending on the detected state of the drive. This is a list of the possible statuses:. This command shows the current setting of the given attribute s on the specified port or disk. Invalid attribute will terminate the loop. Possible attributes are: status, model, firmware, serial, capacity, smart, and the following attributes grouped accordingly to applicability for specified controllers :. Note: This command returns the 3ware 9650se opensolaris pertaining to the drive of the specified port only. Note the difference also that this command shows status of the drive only, and does not contain other information such as unit, type, size, etc.

This command reports the identify status of the specified port within an enclosure. The LED of the drive slot associated with the specified port would blink if the identify status is ON.

Nginx+upload_module on Solaris

This command reports 1 the SATA link speed supported by the drive associated with the specified port and 2 the actual link speed that the specified port is set to. This command reports the capacity of the drive associated with the specified port in gigabytes GB and in block count. The 3ware 9650se opensolaris in GB is computed based on 3ware 9650se opensolaris by and notas is popular with hard disk vendors.

Note that this data is actually extracted live and as such this command could be used to get most recent data about the presence of a disk. Note that if the disk attached to the specified port is not present or if there is a connection or cabling problem to the disk, CLI will return an error. This command reports drive and connection information about the drive that is associated with the 3ware 9650se opensolaris port.

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This command allows you to request for drive statistics of the specified type for the specified port. The 'type' in the command specifies which statistics would be displayed. Recently I started to revisit the idea of using zfs and linux zfsonlinux as the basis for a server that will eventually be the foundation of our gluster storage infrastructure. At this point we are using the Opensolaris version 3ware 9650se opensolaris zfs and an older but stable version of gluster 3. I decided to use Ubuntu Don't really know how to proceed with out them.(For LSI 3ware controllers, use the management software 3DM2 / CLI from the latest.

SE/SA, Email request for support to [email protected] LSI 3ware Controllers (there is no LSI MegaRAID support for OpenSolaris). The 8-port 3Ware SE-8LPML 3ware 9650se opensolaris supports OpenSolaris as stated here.


I realize the versions aren't quite a match, but I can't  3ware controller hotswap Linux.

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