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Thanks in advance. These characters can be used in strings and clobs stored in the database. If a predefined character set is specified for a table column, then any string stored in the column must contain only characters from the specified character set. The default database collation is the same as the system collation. Collations for a large number of languages are supported by HyperSQL. However, when they hsqldb xa referenced in a statement, there is no need for a schema prefix. In the examples above, the collation for the column is already specified when it is defined.

[LPS] Can't shutdown WildFly when using a server managed database connection - Liferay Issues

This collation is case insensitive, so the same name with different uses of upper and lower-case letters is considered the same hsqldb xa counted together. The supported hsqldb xa are named according to the language. You can use just the name in double quotes for the default form of the collation.

If you add hsqldb xa strength between 0, 1, 2, 3, the case sensitivity and accent sensitivity changes. The value 0 indicates least sensitivity to differences. At this strength the collation is case-insensitive and ignores differences between accented letters. At strength 1, differences between accented letters are taken into account. At strength 2, both case and accent are significant.

Finally, 3 indicates additional sensitivity to different punctuation. A second parameter can also be used with values 0 or hsqldb xa, to indicate how decomposition of accented characters for comparison hsqldb xa handled for languages that support such characters.


Hsqldb xa example, possible forms of the French collation are "French""French 0""French 1"etc. When the collation is specified without strength, it seems the system defaults to strength 2, which is case and accent sensitive. If you change the database default collation afterwards, the new collation will be used. In version 2. Before comparing two strings, both are converted to uppercase using the current collation.

For columns where a language collation is desirable, the choice should be made very carefully, because names that are very similar but only differ in the accents may be considered equal in searches. When comparing two strings, HyperSQL 2 pads the shorter string with spaces in order to compare two strings of equal length. You can change the default database collation with one that does not pad the string with spaces before hsqldb xa. This method of comparison was used in versions older than 2. User defined collations can be created based on existing collations to control the space padding.

These collations are part of the current schema. hsqldb xa

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If you hsqldb xa not do this, your queries and other statements will show erratic behaviour and may result in unrecoverable errors. A distinct, user-defined TYPE is simply based on a built-in type. Hsqldb xa each row where the object is referenced, its value is incremented. The SQL syntax and usage is different from what is supported by many existing database engines.


This expression can hsqldb xa used for inserting and updating table rows. You can also use it in select statements.

Hsqldb xa semantics of sequences are exactly as defined by SQL For example if the value 15 was returned by the sequence, the same value 15 is inserted in the three rows. Note that this is only for getting information and you should not use it for accessing the next sequence hsqldb xa.

Unable to recover XA Datasource state after exception

When multiple sessions access the same sequence, the value returned from this table by one session could hsqldb xa be used by a hsqldb xa session, causing a sequence value to be used twice unintentionally. In HyperSQL 2. The SQL standard syntax is used, which allows the initial value and other options to be specified.I'm not sure if the problem is with Wildfly for HSQLDB but Wildfly can't seem to create a connection to HSQLDB when it's configured as an XA Datasource. As of HSQLDB supports XA and the proper classes seem to be in the jar file.

Here's the configuration in and. For use by XA hsqldb xa source factories, not by end users. The JDBCDataSourceFactory can be used to get instances of this class. The methods of the superclass.

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