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This manual is also suitable for: Snc Installing an sdlt or dlttape tape drive into an hp-ux system 10 pages. The Log On dialog box is displayed automatica lly when a new connection to the adic snc 4000 has been. It can also be d isplayed when you select Session and then select Log On.


The Logon dialog. In the Logon dialog box, type "admin" as the user name. Type "password" as adic snc 4000 sword, if this is the first.

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If you make an adic snc 4000 lo gging on, the logon dialog box disappears and Unsucces sful log on appears in the. If your log on is successf ul, the client displays a sta tus bar as it downloa ds master p ortal data.

F or more. The default master portal consists of all the device s d iscovered, according to the discovery configuratio n.

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When the download is complete, the AMC screen is filled with data. For information about this screen. Log off after you finish using AMC. You will not need to restart the clie nt before your next management. You can also launch the Adic snc 4000 Off dialog box by selecting the Log Off toolbar button. The warning dialog box is dis played. If you select Yesyou are prompted to save your current view, if it has.

The Save Current View dialog box is displayed. Select No if you have changed your mind.

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If you select Noyou are return ed to your view. Select No if you do not want to save changes. Exit stops the AMC client application and cl oses its window. Use Exit if you want to restart the clie nt application the next time you us e AMC. Normally you will only log. The Exit dialog b ox is displayed. Your view is closed. If you select Noyou are retu rned to your close d view. The way that the AMC server is shut down is the same adic snc 4000 all platforms. AMC Client on page 19position the cu rsor after the command prompt in the server window. The server window disappear s.

Note Y ou cannot shut down the server that is embedded in an i-plat form library.


This section provide adic snc 4000 a referenc e of co mmonly asked questions and their answer s. A storage area network SAN links servers or workstations to disk arrays, tape backup systems, switches. If you did not change th e sample networ k segment st atement 1. Configure Discovery Set tings screen of the installa tion wizard, SAN adic snc 4000 ts will not be discovered. Follow the instructions in Discovering th e SAN on page 59 to modify the sample statement and to add.

Add a sepa rate statem ent for ev ery subnet. I nstructions. The intelligent adic snc 4000 i-p latform libraries all have integrated management services within intelligent. Do not install more than one instance of a server. You sh ould upgrade both server and client when or if you upgrade, so that the server.

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To manage a Scalar i remotely t hat is, not fr om the touch panel you must install a SAN client. Can I configure email even if I sk ip adic snc 4000 step during installation?

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Refer to Configuring Em ail on page SCALAR 24 SNC overview and full product specs on CNET. ADIC. Product Line. ADIC SNC.

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Model. Packaged Quantity. 1. Compatibility. PC. Platform/Connectivity: SNC (1 FC type LC x 2 LVD SCSI) front panel; SNMP alerts via RMU or ADIC Management Console (Fibre Channel); Tape Alert .

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