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The specified module could mas90 odbc be found. That sounded awfully familar--very much like all the prior failure messages, but I noticed the reference to possible dependent Mas90 odbc files, so I reinstalled MAS90 and was rewarded to find, with a bit of guesswork based on file name and date, the accompanying pvxio. This article is just one of several that explain how data in a back office system can be surfaced within Sage CRM.

Sage cloud. API usage and coding are covered.

Mas90 Driver ODBC driver could Not be found

Select MAS 90 4. Here is a zip file with the 2 files.

Thank you very much. So I tried this and copied the. I used the installer to repair the installation in hope that this would mas90 odbc the driver and that it would see those files.

Mas90 4.0 Driver ODBC driver could Not be found

Then there was just one more step, based on a hunch--the deletion of the license information under this registry key with the live informaiton replaced with dummy data, since the live data is our actual serial number :. Once again, testing revealed that the DSN required this information at runtime popped up a dialog mas90 odbc asking for license information. mas90 odbc

Even in the bit manager it shows the connection as bit. OK both those file are missing.

How do I creat them being that the install disk mas90 odbc not do it automatically for me. Here is a zip file with the 2 files.

ODBC Drivers for MAS 90 and MAS 200

Thank you very much. MP4 to TXT to get them to upload. You will need to rename the extension back to MP4. In the production environment, the former engineer had to set up the System DSN mas90 odbc as I have with the x64 mas90 odbc.

Sage Support 64bit Office (64bit ODBC driver)

Chris, that is good thinking, but we had the MAS90 connector working previously when we attempted the last upgrade where we found that the 8. Mas90 odbc have essentially re-wrote the workflows and incorporated all the new features of the 9. The workflows are exceptionally fast compared to what it was before since the native processes have taken over from having to use scripts.


I have set up the DSN Name with the proper creds in windows. This solution requires advanced knowledge of your computer's operating system. If the other service is not mas90 odbc, delete it.


Sage I would use mas90 odbc Repair Console and leave the policies alone. The policies are in place to prevent mishaps.

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So it's mas90 odbc to one and a half a dozen to the other.Client/Server ODBC driver components, when installed and configured, will allow MAS90\Home"; Right-click and select "Run as. How to connect to the Sage ODBC data source without logging into the database Select MAS 90 ODBC Driver and click the Finish.

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